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 Asian Community Meeting

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PostSubject: Asian Community Meeting   Asian Community Meeting Icon_minitimeSun Mar 25, 2007 5:58 am

As part of our campaign for a safer habbo, race crime is a high priority on our crime targets. On the 18th of March I met with a group of people whom are member of the Asian Culture Group. I talked about my targets in race crime and how normal habbos can help reduce not just race crime but all crime. The Asian Culture Group have agreed to pass on any information regarding crime in their local area
The Chairman of the group told us:

Quote :
Finally after a long time of high crime rates in our area the Police are finally taking an interest in the race crime that we face everyday. This campagne and its partners are going to stop this and make life for minority races better.

We are now taking Race Crime as one of our top priorities so if you have any complaints about race crime, wither you are a witness or a victim, search El-Smidgeo and let us make a difference to your life.
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Asian Community Meeting
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