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 WMP New Approach

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PostSubject: WMP New Approach   WMP New Approach Icon_minitimeSat Mar 24, 2007 5:28 pm

Saturday 24th March 2007

West Midlands Police Departments new approach

Today was a remarkable day for the staff and visitors to the West Midlands Police Department as they launched there latest campaign for a safer habbo. They plan to tackle all reports made to them and insure correct procedures and all crimes no matter how big or small are followed up.

The Officers are planning to bring the crime rate down by a Massive! 5% within the next two weeks. They also plan to have a pro-active image on the community by having officers patrolling our public rooms constantly to ensure safety standards are met. The question we ask is can it be done?

Earlier today we caught up with West Midlands Deputy Assistant Cheif Constable .:Maxi:. and he said:

Quote :
It is a major task that the officers at WMP have took upon themselfs to help achieve although all the officers concerned are dedicated to a safer habbo and we are sure we can acheive this target. we would urge any habbo to come forward and speak with the team at West Midlands Police anytime that they require by searching El-Smidgeo

We will watch the station closely and wish the team the very best of luck in achieving their goals.
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WMP New Approach
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