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 RND SW Raid Disaster. [RND = Red Nose Day] [SW = South West]

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RND SW Raid Disaster. [RND = Red Nose Day] [SW = South West] Empty
PostSubject: RND SW Raid Disaster. [RND = Red Nose Day] [SW = South West]   RND SW Raid Disaster. [RND = Red Nose Day] [SW = South West] Icon_minitimeSat Mar 17, 2007 9:20 am

Requested.:RivenDale:. Authorized: .:Maxi:. Outcome: Awful
Senior Staff Response [Maxi] : Staff where endangered, "Ever put my staff in that danger again and I will Roast you"

As you may be aware That we had a raid on the 120Joiner120 South west boys, This turned out to be a big mistake. This could be due to the Organization or even the lack of sensibility between the staff.

We Were Briefed but the details where slow to arrive, when they did arrive we stormed the area but with some confusion. A swarm of WMP Saw the opportunity of going into the tele's when our objective was to arrest 120joiner120 himself. There was just a Few left to battle against the SW Horde. Luckily the WMP Came Back But the Confusion Grew with Fighting Every where. Many Officers Injured And the Casualties was Catastrophic. This would have been a disappointment any how. But what made it worse was there Was No arrest's Made. This Tragic incident must not and will not ever happen again.

There Has Been Some Speculation and An idea of a Raids Tactics Team. Who will specialize in raiding. This is not official and a High Rank will need to Review, This idea, and in many Cases Tear it apart.

Overall I Conclude This Raid as an unfortunate event but could have been prevented.

Thanks From The Loving Turtle
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RND SW Raid Disaster. [RND = Red Nose Day] [SW = South West]
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