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 Suspension Concerning 'Detectve.M'

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Suspension Concerning 'Detectve.M' Empty
PostSubject: Suspension Concerning 'Detectve.M'   Suspension Concerning 'Detectve.M' Icon_minitimeSun May 20, 2007 5:17 am

Today a suspension has been issued to the DCI officer of WMP - Detective.M.

The reason this suspension has been carried out is due to a serious complaint made againt him and he can not possibly work in the station prior to this operation. This investigation is extremely confidential and you shall not know any more about it than this. He is suspened until further ntoice.

So, please do not let him in WMP at all, and remind him he may violate and make my final decision alot worse if he intervenes with this investigation.


- Commander
- .:AAbbott:.
- West Midlands Police
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Suspension Concerning 'Detectve.M'
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