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 Criminal Investigation Department Temporary Closure

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PostSubject: Criminal Investigation Department Temporary Closure   Criminal Investigation Department Temporary Closure Icon_minitimeSun Apr 08, 2007 6:51 am

The West Midlands Police Authority have decided today that CID do not do enough work for a department to be warranted to them and therefore has resulted in the temporary closure of the department.
An official from the WMPA said: Michael Harris (former Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police)
Quote :
The results that are achieved by the department is a matter of concern. Essentially no real work has been done for weeks and we therefore feel that the man/woman power that is in CID could be more useful in other areas of the force.
The department has temporarily closed and shall be reopened within 2 to 3 weeks however it shall come back with less staff (5 Members of Staff) and those who have lost there positions in CID shall be Police Constable and may be recommended for other detective related departments.
Thank you for you cooperation in this matter. If you have anything to say on this matter or just would like to make your points known to us then please send me a personal message.
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Criminal Investigation Department Temporary Closure
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