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 Getting Old

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PostSubject: Getting Old   Getting Old Icon_minitimeThu Apr 05, 2007 8:49 am

As my days pass and I look back on my Police Career I wonder what ever happened to this job. Of course all this has been throught on because I was given the Billl (The First Series) on DVD for Christmas and I remember when this job was about being seen and letting the public know you are there. I've been a Cadet for almost two years and a habbo cop for almost 5 years and I wondered what was missing. Well to start, ours PCs pathertic knoledge of the Police so I decided to give them a littl guidance:

Woodentop: A PC

Superstars: CID officers

A Drum: A house

A Screw-in: A Burlgary

Now that is all bacsic stuff but yet some people don't know that. That is a complete myserty to me.
I have just been given a new survaliance radio from the Metropolitan Police for when my Relief are on attachment. Now this may just be me being a critic of the Police service today but its so much bigger. The PR radios that you got in 1984 were smaller than this and yet got a better reception. I also wonder did The Met really need to spend half a million pound on new radios when the old ones looked just as good if not better.
And what is this new car thing all about. Ford Focuses! I am really dissapointed in Sir Iain Blair.

Now to finish my little ramble into the past I am giving you this like. Enjoy!

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Getting Old
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