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 The Big Cheese's

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PostSubject: The Big Cheese's   Sat Mar 17, 2007 10:15 am

Oh Dear...Just Joined WMP or entered the Room. Confuzed on who to consult and need a Big Boss. Then Have No fear some help is here.
So Whos In charge And Whats There Rank. Well you can find this information on a sticky, This sticky is yellow and at the top of a pyramid of stickys. Here it is Below!

Lets Have a Look at them In More Detail

Chief Constable: El-Smidgeo
Status: The Big Cheese. What he say's Go's

Image To Help You identify El-Smidgeo.

Dep. Chief Constable: Marog
Status: Secound In Command, But tends to be first Becuase smidge is hidden

Asst. Ch. Constable: Jaywolves5
Status: Third in command, He Tends to be in and Is always Happy To Help

To Be Continued

Dep. As. Ch. Constable: .:Maxi:.

Commander: .:FClarkson:.

Commander: catherinemallet
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The Big Cheese's
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