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 Some New Furni to come to Habbo hotel uk that i found

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PostSubject: Some New Furni to come to Habbo hotel uk that i found   Sat May 05, 2007 2:17 am

Love cauldron
Love Carpet
Red rose white rose colour rose
Habbowood chair
Glass furni
Ice large door shutters
ice large door courers
Gothic Fountain
Love Lamp
Romintiic Furni (All girly things and some for boys)
Red mono
Brown Icm
Orange dragon egg
Hedge furni (May be out already)

Hope you like my Reasluts
i only told you all
Do not Tell
Then Habbo will not reaslse them because everyone knows they will be Released

Also Reports of a black Throne yellow Throne and black Stickys But there only on retros atm
i found a site with all the Furni Enjoy

Play music in your Guest room

Ross (httm mod Rastrick co-owner Criminal Yard Secretary)
Criminal Yard is a Test Rpg
Im not a Criminal Xd


sunny sunny affraid affraid affraid affraid Embarassed Razz

Cinema Furni >:O
Spotlight-Shines in Every colour
Movie Chair_Give popcorn and a Drink-
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Some New Furni to come to Habbo hotel uk that i found
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